2017 Honda CR-Z Exterior, Engine, Release Date and Review

 2017 Honda CR-Z redesign

2017 Honda CR-Z is now ready to continue the new generation after two years vacuumed. There is still lack information about this new coupe car because it is not released yet by Honda. Some people and experts are believed that the new CR-Z is will be modified based on its sibling, the Honda Jazz, it will use the same platform just like the next generation of Honda Civic but with the shorter body. However, something that we should agree is that the new CR-Z will have many updates on some parts such as the exterior, interior and the engine as well. So, it can be a good competitor for the other cars on the line up.

2017 Honda CR-Z Exterior

We are starting from the outer look or the exterior. As it is explained above the new 2017 Honda CR-Z will have 100mm shortened body than the next generation of the Civic. The model of the new CR-Z is maybe will be borrowed the “Civic Type R” and the NSX. This CR-Z will have the bigger body as well. Once again, we cannot give the detail information because the company is not saying anything yet.

2017 Honda CR-Z Engine

The 2017 Honda CR-Z engine is probably will use the 2.0 liter of four cylinders engine that is expected to provide up to 286 horsepower. Honda said that the new CR-Z is maybe the hotter coupe than the “US-Specs” Honda Civic and they believed that it will attract many buyers. The other engine option is the Hybrid model that will use the 1,5 liter gasoline engine , one electric motor and the eight speed of automatic transmission. This hybrid engine can make for about 201 Horsepower.

2017 Honda CR-Z Interior

2017 Honda CR-Z redesign redesign

Actually, there is only lack information about the interior. However many people are expected that the more modern and high-tech features are should be added on the 2017 Honda CR-Z Type. Besides that, as one of the big automotive companies, Honda is for sure will use the best materials inside this coupe car. It can be using the leather to support the passengers’ convenience and the well placed buttons to make the driver and passengers easier to control or adjust.

2017 Honda CR-Z Release Date and Price

Sometimes in 2016, it can be in the middle or the end, is maybe the right time to launch the brand new 2017 Honda CR-Z. meanwhile for the price, we are really sorry because there is no information yet about the average price.

 Photo Gallery of 2017 Honda CR-Z:

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